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The systems for the management and sharing of knowledge have now become a real philosophy. Thanks to modern technology, these systems could achieve the purpose for which they are born with greater ease and accuracy. And it is precisely this purpose that, very often, makes the difference between the different organizations: to acquire information and skills from many different sources business (personal, internal documentation, databases, customers, etc..) and share in order to let each member of the organization bring its contribution to the resolution and to improve each stage of the production process of the company (whether relating to services rather than products).

We of Accord are committed to ensure that organizations abandon the old concept of centralization of knowledge (preserving, in any case, the know-how) and embrace the idea of a company open to the active participation of all its members. The skills (competencies) of each member will be highlighted and addressed to the company's goal in co-operation with those of all other members and everyone will have the knowledge necessary to best fulfill its role.