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One of the areas of business that requires, as always, focus and expertise is that of Safety & Security. The terminology used to describe the service provided by us regarding this area is, not surprisingly, that english, as it allows to distinguish efficiently the two complementary aspects of security.

The safety, in fact, comes into play to preserve the safety of company personnel from accidental causes (accidents caused by machinery or equipment, from malpractice, etc..); which is done by us, at first, through a careful study of the possible causes of an accident and, later, through targeted information campaigns and prevention.

The security, however, embraces the protection of persons and sensitive corporate data from the attacks of individuals and/or organizations with criminal purposes. The field of action may seem less tangible than the safety but the damage that may be caused in this area are just as real. The theft of personal and financial information and know-how are some classic examples of the danger posed by an underestimation of the risk for this type of security. Our task will be to highlight the flaws in the system (whether physical or electronic) and propose (and possibly implement) the appropriate solutions.