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How to deal with the management of ever-increasing amount of trade and amount of information in modern organizations? The answer to this question may come today from only document management, or the modern management of all company documentation through appropriate marriages between hardware and software created ad hoc. The documents that are handled in this way acquire immediately interesting properties.

The shareability and usability immediate and considerable saving of paper material are the most conspicuous features of this type of management and allow, by themselves, a fast return of the initial investment. But many others are the advantages that we in the Accord, through a careful analysis of your business needs, we are able to provide: fast searches, accurate documents with keywords and tags targeted protocollizzazione electronic signature and easy to manage, acquire any type of document not only text (video, audio, presentations, etc.), indexing and cataloging according to algorithms, etc..

Our document management systems enjoy all the experience gained from our company to together with partners and customers and will allow you to fully take care of your work having at your fingertips all the documents you need.